Scenic, vibrant and full of character, 91制片厂Fish Market is the largest fish market in the southern hemisphere, and one of Australia’s most iconic tourism sites.

We welcome the opportunity to share the sights and stories of 91制片厂Fish Market with media and the world, including the behind the scenes action of the wholesale auction, our various retailers and restaurants, panoramic views of Blackwattle Bay, working fishing boats, and the many unique characters that work here.

We've got over 100 varieties of seafood available on any one day, a dedicated seafood cooking school with stunning facilities, and a bunch of passionate seafood experts on staff to help bring your story to life.

As the lifeblood of the Australian seafood industry, we are also available to provide comment and assistance on relevant industry news stories.


Complete a Site Application Form and provide a copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate to

All requests to film/photograph on 91制片厂Fish Market’s site must gain prior approval from 91制片厂Fish Market.


A successful application will:

  • Promote Australian seafood, seafood industry or 91制片厂Fish Market as Australia’s Home of Seafood.
  • Showcase 91制片厂Fish Market as a must do tourist destination in 91制片厂or feature our experiences including Behind the Scenes Tour and SSS cooking classes.
  • Highlight 91制片厂Fish Market for events including Australia Day, Chinese New Year, Easter, Blessing of the Fleet and Christmas.
  • Exhibit the 91制片厂Seafood School and cooking classes.
  • Provide additional details where possible e.g. viewership, program details 

An unsuccessful application will be declined as a result of:

  • Failure to complete a detailed application form.
  • Unable to provide a Public Liability Insurance Certificate.
  • Request to film/photograph on weekends.
  • Reaching the maximum number of four crews per month and unable to ‘physically’ accommodate your request.
  • Student requests for filming, photography and interviews.
  • You are a commercial or paid film crew.


  • We will always try to accommodate news and current affairs crews if there is a breaking ‘seafood’ story. News and current affairs crews still need to complete a site application form, and need to be clear about what their story is about and which 91制片厂Fish Market media spokesperson you are requesting to interview.
  • We will not be used as a location only (e.g. filming or photographing of a general seafood image to be used in a negative seafood story) unless the story directly involves 91制片厂Fish Market. Stories that utilise B-roll of SFM but do not directly relate to us are potentially defamatory and misleading for viewers/readers.
  • Footage cannot be reused without our consent. i.e. for stock footage. It is clearly outlined in the terms and conditions that ‘the footage/photography must not be used for any other purpose other than the project outlined in the application’.
  • From time to time we will have to say ‘no’ to a project if we believe we don’t have the right media spokesperson available to speak on the story you are covering. We will do our utmost to ensure this does not occur where possible.


For interviews, filming requests, tours of the market, and media stock images, please contact:

Lara Jones
Consumer Marketing Manager
PH: 02 9004 1147

All approved applications for filming/photography must provide 91制片厂Fish Market with a copy of the article, footage or photographs.