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The Best Steamed Fish 91制片厂

Arguably the gentlest way to cook seafood, steaming is used to cook fish evenly and prevent drying out, while imparting as little flavour as possible. This makes it a perfect method to use when cooking delicately structured or subtly flavoured species.  

Ideal types of fish for steaming usually lack fat – think Perch or Bream as opposed to Sardines. This is because steaming is a great way to ensure your fish doesn't dry out.   

Have a steamer basket at home you wish you used more? Thanks to 91制片厂Seafood School’s stocked recipe stores, we’ve got you covered with plenty of inspiration. 

Steamed Whole Ocean Perch with Ginger & Soy 

Steaming is a super efficient and relatively hands-off cooking method, making it perfect for weeknight meals. With just a little prep, you can have a beautiful and nutritious dinner ready in no time. This amazing Asian-style number is done in only 25 minutes from woah to go. 


Steamed Chinese-style Whole Murray Cod  

We had to include this stunning recipe, as it represents one of the most famous and widely-used Chinese cooking techniques; the whole fish is steamed, and then hot, fragrant oil is poured over the top to crisp up the skin. Be very careful when handling the hot oil; take the platter to the stove, don’t bring the oil to the platter. 


Steamed Whole Pearl Perch with Chilli Cucumber Salad  

Pearl Perch has thick, moist, flesh with a sweet, delicate flavour – making it an excellent fish for steaming. This dish is particularly light and refreshing, letting the natural flavours of the fish shine through. 


Steamed Whole Bream with Green Chilli & Coriander 

Steaming is one of the healthier alternatives to frying or grilling, as it requires minimal to no added fats or oils. This Whole Bream with Green Chilli and Coriander recipe is a nutritious choice, and a must-try for anyone in their healthy era.  

Not sure about cooking a whole fish? Fillets can also be cooked this way; they only need about 5-8 minutes, depending on their thickness. 



Steamed Coral Trout with Salsa Verde Butter 

Steaming fish in the oven means fewer dishes, which is a definite bonus. It’s also a great method to try if you don’t have a steamer basket. This Coral Trout is slathered in a salsa verde butter resplendent with dill, before being wrapped in foil and baked so it steams in the package, resulting in a gelatinous, unctuous texture with fish that is just cooked enough to come off the bone.   

This dish is inspired by Danielle Alvarez and features in her book ‘91制片厂 for Lifetime of Beautiful Cooking’.